Doug Coil

Professor, Anthropology, Human Geography, Sociology; Adjunct Professor, Student Development (Counseling)

Courses Taught

HGEO105 – Human Geography
Students will study the physical global environment focusing on the interaction of resources and cultural variables such as population patterns, language, religion, social customs, economic and political development.

ANTH105 – Cultural Anthropology
The student will investigate the concepts of culture and apply them to different cultures of the world. The student will determine the universal aspects of each culture concept and investigate the development and consequences of culture’s evolution from simple to complex.

SOCI105 – Intercultural Communication: The Person and The Process
Culture influences all aspects of our behavior including how we communicate, how we see ourselves, and how we see those who are different from us. By acquiring an interdisciplinary knowledge of culture and how it operates in our lives, students will learn to think critically about how cultural differences within societal groups can form the basis for communication patterns that can develop both between groups of Americans and also cross-nationally.

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