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Welcome Summer Students

With the busy academic year over, Writing Center tutors look forward to helping students with their writing during Summer Sessions I, II, and III. These include students taking English classes, as well as those taking classes in other disciplines.

Some students who visit the Writing Center in the summer are working on transfer essays or resumes and cover letters for internships or summer jobs. Many are taking ENGL-095, ENGL-121, and ENGL-122, or literature classes.  The summer often brings in students in nursing and psychology, too. 

Since summer classes move at a faster pace than during traditional semesters, regular Writing Center visits can help students keep up with assignments involving writing. Regular Writing Center use can also keep newly developed writing skills fresh for the fall. Some students who come to the Writing Center are taking summer classes as visiting students. These students often comment on the growth they experience as writers when working with professional  tutors.

As always, to get the most out of a Writing Center session, students are reminded to bring to their appointment any writing, research, or assignment handouts. When it is time for their appointment, they should be ready with their Brookdale OneCard ID and a printed hard copy of their paper.