Basic Skills Testing/Retesting

The Basic Skills/Writing Placement Test

Students are placed in Brookdale’s English classes based upon their score on the Accuplacer test in writing. Students may take Accuplacer in the Testing Center, located in the CAR Building on the Lincroft campus, or at one of the Success Centers at Brookdale’s other locations. Students who score 79 or higher are placed in ENGL-121: The Writing Process. Students who score below 79 are placed in ENGL-095: Fundamentals of Writing.*

* Students who score below 79 have the option of taking ENGL-095 and ENGL-121 during the same semester as part of the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP).

What Is the Basic Skills/Placement Retest?

Students who score below 79 may retest in the Writing Center at the main Lincroft campus.  The writing retest, also called the waiver test, involves writing an essay. Students select the topic from a set of prompts and are allotted three hours to write. Essays should be at least two typed pages or three to four handwritten pages. The essay should be focused, organized, and developed, and demonstrate a knowledge of grammar and mechanics.  Students who have not retested prior to the start of their basic skills class may not retest in the Writing Center.

How Do I Retest?

Students may retest at their own convenience by visiting the Writing Center on the main campus in Lincroft during scheduled hours.  The Writing Center is located in Room 118, Larrison Hall. Click here for driving directions and map. Larrison Hall (LAH) is easily accessible from Parking Lot #2 or #3. Appointments are not necessary, but students must arrive at the Writing Center no less than three hours before the scheduled closing time. Students must show a photo ID.