Foundational Studies Math

Foundational Studies courses at Brookdale are courses specifically developed to prepare adult learners for college level course work. The Foundational Studies math courses are pre-requisites for math, science, business, culinary, automotive, and other college level courses. Math skills, as well as technical and critical thinking and writing skills, are addressed in our Foundational Studies courses.



The Accuplacer is the placement tool that all New Jersey Community Colleges use to determine if students require remediation in Math, Reading or Writing.

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There are two areas of mathematics tested by Accuplacer: Computation (Arithmetic) and Algebra.

  • Students who take the Accuplacer will receive a score for Computation and a score for Algebra.
  • Scores range from 20 – 120 on each test.
  • A Computation score above 70 allows a student to take MATH 021 or MATH 025.
  • An Algebra score above 76 allows a student to take MATH 131, MATH 136, MATH 137 or MATH 145.
  • An Algebra score above 86 allows a student to take MATH 151. See the Math Department web-page for a description of all our courses.

Students with SAT math scores of at least 530 are waived from taking Accuplacer and can take appropriate college level math.