Math Lab

Math Lab Hours

Spring  2015

Monday-Thursday:  8:30 am – 7:30 pm
Friday:  8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday:  10:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Math Lab Information Phone Line: 732-224-1808

Guidelines for Using the Math Lab

Located in MAS 200-205, the Math Lab is a great place to study, do homework, obtain assistance, and meet with a study group. No appointment is necessary. Learning Assistants are available during lab hours to answer questions and give help on a one-to-one basis to currently enrolled students.

  • Bring the worksheet or textbook that contains the problems you need help with.
  • For the best help, be prepared to show a learning assistant or student learning assistant the attempts you have made to solve these problems, and identify where you are having difficulties.
  • There are learning aids available in the Math Lab that may be useful if you need more help on a topic. If you miss a class, please contact your instructor, who will give you the best strategy for making up the work.


Test or Topic Reviews -  View the Schedule here

Graphing Calculator Workshops – View the schedule here

Math Lab Learning Assistants

Tatiana Shabat: 732-224-2111  •

Valerie Nigrelli:732-224-1825  •

Linda Nelson: 732-224-2113  •

Pat Olsen: 732-224-2112   •

Ed Sears: 732-224-2116   •

Deicy Ahmad Chaustre: 732-224-2114  •

Hours at Brookdale’s Regional Locations

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Learning Aids

You must have a valid Brookdale ID to access the following materials. These learning aids are available for you to use in the Math Lab.

Topic-specific CD-ROMs for many of our courses are available for viewing in the lab via one of the Dell computers; you will need to provide your own computer-compatible headset to hear the lecture. The Bankier Library also has these materials, plus topic-specific videotapes, if you would like to borrow them to view at home.

The Math Lab has solution manuals (both student and instructor versions) for most of the texts used by the department. These can be used in the Math Lab as study aids so you can check the answer to any text problem. The Bankier Library also has these on reserve.

The computer room in the Math Lab is equipped with all our mathematics software. These computers are reserved for currently enrolled math students doing assignments for their math course. The computer room has the same hours as the Math Lab.

If you are unable to get to the Lab, here is a list of great web pages that you should find useful. If we can be of any other assistance or you require special accommodations please contact Brian McKeon at or phone 732-224-2868732-224-2868.

Study Groups and Workshops

The Math Department encourages students to form study groups. If you are interested in forming a study group, ask your instructor to help you get one started. Your study groups are welcome to meet in the Math Lab.

Workshops are problem-solving sessions that may focus on a specific topic or review material for a test. For example, around the time courses have their tests, review sessions covering the material on these tests are offered through the Math Lab. Workshop announcements will be posted on the Math Lab bulletin board located in the hallway outside of the Math Lab and in the Announcements portion of this webpage.

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