Drama club performs Macbeth

Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business.
With it, it becomes creation.

~ Bette Davis


At Brookdale, we give our students the opportunity to learn their craft and practically apply it in a safe and supportive environment. Our student actors and technicians, faculty and staff get involved in every production to learn acting, set construction, props, lighting and stage management. This educational process is supported and guided by the academic and technical faculty and administrators with the sole purpose of any student, alumni or community member who wants to be part of the process can be, and is welcome. In this true educational theater environment, our students grow artistically, academically, emotionally and personally. Brookdale is a gateway offering access and opportunity for persons of all ages and back-grounds to pursue learning and enrichment; the College enables and empowers all persons to fulfill their aspirations to the maximum of their capabilities.


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