Welcome to Brookdale Community College’s Reading Department.  We are located in the East Wing of Larrison Hall (LAH) in Room 127.  We offer a variety of courses based on academic need which are designed to help students develop the reading skills and study strategies necessary for success in college level classes.

Our faculty is committed to providing exceptional instruction as we help students to improve their critical reading, vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, and study skills.  By taking a reading class at Brookdale, students will learn to apply various reading strategies that will help them to grow as readers and also apply step-by-step study strategies that will carry over to other college classes.

Daytime and evening classes are available as well as classes at our Higher Education Centers.  Additionally, further support can be found at The Reading Center, located in LAH 124.

Reading Faculty

The faculty in the Reading Department takes a strong interest in their students and their success. To learn more about individual faculty members, including contact information, please click above.

Events and Workshops

The Reading Department strives to provide the support you may need as you begin your college career. Frequent workshops on reading skills and study strategies are offered throughout the semester. Campus wide events can also enrich your experience as a student. Click here to find current workshops or events.

Courses Offered

Be sure to check out the courses offered this semester! Speak with your counselor about the steps you need to take to register for one of these classes. Don’t miss out as these courses will fill quickly. Click here to find out more.

Tips for Success & FAQ

What do I need for the first day? How do I manage my time? These are a few of many common questions students have as they start college. Click here to find tips that will help you succeed as you transition to a college setting.