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Brookdale’s year long reorganization and restructuring work now takes effect

At Brookdale, we have always been committed to providing affordable, convenient higher education for all students, of all ages and backgrounds.

Brookdale has grown steadily, and often rapidly, since it was founded in 1967.  Of course, during those years our academic offerings and students’ ways of learning have also changed and evolved; college departments, degrees and programs have expanded or altered, often creating an idiosyncratic organizational structure. This, along with a mandate to reduce costs at the college, has resulted in a year long (2014-2015) reorganization designed to streamline and maximize the student experience at Brookdale.

Brookdale’s reorganization has already substantially improved the student experience and made academic functions and services more efficient, and has also allowed important resources to be directed where they are needed most.

Changes include:

  • collecting a wide variety of academic disciplines and divisions into specific and appropriate “learning institutes” (see below);
  • developing a new One Stop center where all student enrollment and support services are collected and available;
  • creating new services and programs designed specifically to support today’s learner;
  • creation of a walk-in Tutoring Center where students will find academic assistance along with help navigating their online tools and Brookdale resources;

As the rebuilding of Brookdale continues, we welcome your input and ideas.

Many students have a full-time or part-time job, a family to support, or a hectic schedule every day of the week – our goal is to make it easier for you to achieve your goal.



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